How it works

It is not so complicated, but if you wanna know what will be your next steps, just check the diagrams below, and they should help you a lot.

For customers

Purchasing a design for your car has never been easier. There are two options for making your vehicle amazing. You can either select from existing stock designs and get yours right away, or wait for an original custom design to be created just for you. It takes us around two weeks of work, but then this one-of-a-kind design will be all yours. Once you buy a design, you will receive a link prompting you to download the print data. Just hand it over for printing and then get it wrapped. If you don’t know what to do with printing or wrapping, no worries. We work globally with professional teams of wrap specialists who will be happy to apply your design. Sign up as a customer.

For designers

Do you have designs you’d like to offer? Simply upload and after that you don’t have to do anything else except wait to be paid once your designs are sold. Prepare a design including print data and complete the form with five basic views of the design on a vehicle. Once you send everything, we will check the data and implement it on our 3D model. We also prepare a 3D presentation video, which you will be able to download, along with five 3D vehicle previews where your design will look outstanding. We upload everything to our product gallery of stock designs, and after a sale you will receive a notification that you can pick up your remuneration.
Sign up as a designer.

For a wrapping company

If it’s not worth you keeping an inhouse graphic artist on board yet you would like to fulfill several contracts, we can solve both issues at once! Register as a wrapping and printing studio and get the wrapstock certification. You can draw advantages such as discounts on individual designs, and we will bring you new customers from your area searching for a studio to wrap their vehicles. Sign up as a partner.

Universal design

Why our designs fit to any car?

You will notice that there are no difficult design elements to join between parts, just a simple pattern. The camouflage stripes are big enough that you can fit the same color in the joints. Or the patterns are of such a size that they do not have to fit each other. That’s why the designs are universal and fit to any car.

Once downloaded, you will receive TIF or PDF files that you can immediately send to your printer. Print and wrap.

What data will you receive after downloading and what should you know before wrapping?

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