Frequently asked questions


The catalog (stock) design is universal and can be used on any type of the vehicle, whereas custom design is tailor-made to a particular car manufacturer and model. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind design that will not ever be duplicated.
  1. After stock design purchase, you will receive data in TIFF format (bitmap) or PDF format (vectors). The data are prepared in multiple stripes in the full width of roll - e.g. 150 cm. Each stripe, however, is of a different length. In general, you may obtain as much printable area as necessary, provided that you will print these stripes repeatedly.
  2. After custom design purchase, you’ll receive data in TIFF format (bitmap) or PDF format (vectors). We have data created solely for your vehicle type and model. Each and every part such as bumper, bonnet, roof, trunk and sides are prepared separately and precisely to achieve perfect alignment. Such a design will never fit other car models.
Unfortunately, a creative design is not created overnight. Usually it takes up to two weeks to get the artwork done. Rest assured, that time spent is definitely worth it!
Payment is carried out in the user interface as in the case of stock design purchase. Only difference, however, is an in-advance payment worth 30% of the total design price. This cost is included in the final price and you´ll pay only the difference from the original price tag. This additional payment follows your approval of the design and finally we will send you the printing data. Several payment methods are available.
In order to obtain colors so vibrant and corresponding to the previews, we highly recommend to print design with Wrapstock. We offer worldwide shipping from 30-149 EUR per roll depending on your location. You also have local options, which is however not recommended. Roll must be printed on a machine with minimal width of 160cm and ideally casted printing media to achieve expected lifetime. Each company will provide you with more details.
Car wrapping is a challenging craft and truly requires a lot of experience. We will be pleased to offer you a selection of one of our certified partners. You can contact a wrapping studio in your area using the form. Just hand the printing data over to them or simply tell them about us and they will download/purchase the design on your behalf. Note, that already printed designs taken directly to the wrapping studio without their knowledge is not a preferred way. Let them determine appropriate material and way of installation and rely on their expertise.
Wrapstock offers two options. You can select from within the stock design section, where you have the design available immediately, but it is not unique. Or you can go the opposite route and have a custom design created. The result will be a complete original that only you will have.
This depends on many factors, though most crucial is undoubtedly the skill and experience of the wrapping studio. Every company individually should be able to answer your question. In general, your car should be completed within 5 days.
The Avery Dennison MPI 1105, which we both use and recommend, has a service life of three to seven years. But this depends on how you maintain the vinyl, weather conditions and few other factors. Follow the vinyl manufacturer’s guidance to achieve the expected lifetime.
With recommended Avery Dennison printing media, you can use “brush-type” car washes. During the washing exercise please pay special attention to avoid any damage caused by jet-wash. Do not wash your car when heated or exposed to sunlight. Aggressive chemicals used in car washes also reduce service life. Hand-washing is the recommended way to treat the vinyl. We highly recommend that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.
Recommended printing media of Avery Dennison® can be easily removed without any damage caused to your vehicle, leaving no adhesive residues behind.
If you use the Avery Dennison ® MPI 1105 foil, which has a thickness of around 100 microns, very high quality pigment and 150% foil flexibility, you are guaranteed excellent coverage even when exposed to extreme stress and shaping. After wrapping, the foil is permanently set by high temperature, resulting in retaining the fixed position.
Application is possible but we do not recommend wrapping on damaged surfaces - like rust, small abrasions and damage from flying pebbles. The foil will not hide paint flaws and in addition, clean removability is no longer guaranteed when the foil is applied on damaged or rusted paint.


You always receive 70% of the full price of purchased design. Each design can be purchased multiple times.
We mediate sales internetionally. Avery, the world’s largest printing media and vinyl manufacturer, as a main partner of the project guarantees worldwide exposure. Create an eye-catching design that sells and generates passive income from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, we will promote your work on our advertising channels.
You must complete the form in the "sell your design" section and we will contact you directly. After completion of the data submitted to Wrapstock, we will verify the correctness and upload the design for you. With each purchase, you will receive an email notification and the commission pay-out is entirely up to you.
We require printing data in TIFF format (bitmap) or PDF format (vectors) In case the design is created in a 1:1 scale, resolution is of 150 dpi. Should the design be in a 10:1 ratio, data’s resolution is of 1,500 dpi.
Each design can be purchased multiple times and your commission is displayed in your account at right after the purchase is completed. The payout is entirely up to you and you can select your payout frequency according to your liking. Please note that the transaction can be subjected to bank fees.
Once the payout is requested, we will send you an electronic invoice with your ID and the payment will be released in compliance with your bank details. The remuneration should be credited within 14 days.
Your designs will be offered for sale at . We will promote the selected ones also on our social media on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google.
By uploading the design to the gallery you authorise Wrapstock to modify the data on a customer’s request, unless you state otherwise.
Wrapstock is not becoming an owner of your designs uploaded to the website. Wrapstock only mediates the sales.
Each design carries an avatar of the designer, so it will be distinguishable from other designs/designers. Except for such designation, your design will not carry any other mark or designation.

Wrapping company

You don’t need to keep a designer on your payroll. Here you can select from stock designs or have the world’s renowned designers to create a custom-made design unlike any other. Our main goal is to save you a lot of time and money, and you can rest assured that we deliver top quality data.
Of course! As a wrap shop, you will receive an additional 10-15% discount on stock designs.
Should the design come from bitmap, you will receive a printable TIFF. In case of vector graphics you will receive a print PDF file.
A one-time use applies to every design – so you can wrap it only once.
In case of demand in area near your location, you will be displayed on the map as a recommended option for the installation.
Yes, we offer worldwide door-to-door delivery. We possess two printers - both eco solvent. We will print the colors exactly as you may see on the previews. For print inquiries, please do reach out to You may select from Avery MPI 1104 (30 EUR per sqm) and Avery MPI 1105 (35 EUR per sqm). Price includes matte/gloss overlaminate. Worldwide shipping 30-149 EUR per roll depending on your location.
Yes, we are able to modify printing data on request. This does, however, come with a surcharge.
In case the design is created in a 1:1 scale, resolution is of 150 dpi. Should the design be in a 10:1 ratio, data’s resolution is of 1,500 dpi.