Frequently asked questions


The catalog (stock) design is universal and can be used on any type of vehicle. The custom design is then for a customer seeking out something exceptional - something we make just for you. It is a unique design that only you will have.
  1. After buying your stock design, you’ll receive data in TIFF format (bitmap) or PDF format (vectors). We have data prepared in a 10 m x 1,5 m (33 ft x 4,1 ft) strip. These strips can be then laid down next to each other over and over, so you can print in any length.
  2. After buying your custom design, you’ll receive data in TIFF format (bitmap) or PDF format (vectors). We have data created for your vehicle alone. Individual parts such as bumpers, the hood, roof and trunk are prepared separately and created precisely for your vehicle dimensions. We recommend that they are never used on any different type of vehicle.
Unfortunately, a creative and novel design can't be created over one afternoon. But if you give us two weeks, you will be both certain and happy that this extra time was really worth it.
Payment is easy as with any other e-shop. The only difference is that you must pay a 30% deposit. After agreeing on the complete design, you pay us the remaining balance and will then be able to download the print data. You can pay online either by payment card or via PayPal.
We recommend using the services of professional print shops specializing in wrapping public transport vehicles. These print shops should all ideally be equipped with a 160 cm digital plotter enabling solitary printing and a laminating machine. We recommend printing on cast seven-year vinyl foil. Of course each company will tell you specifically if it is capable of readying your design.
Car wrapping is a challenging craft and truly requires a lot of experience. We will be pleased to offer you a selection of one of our certified partners. You can contact a wrapping studio in your area using the form. Just hand the print data over to them or simply tell them about us and they will download/purchase the design on your behalf (you later reimburse them). Just make sure you don't take it to them already printed because they certainly don’t prefer that. They want to determine the material themselves with which they will best work and to which they are accustomed.
Wrapstock offers two options. You can select from within the stock design section, where you have the design available immediately, but it is not unique. Or you can go the opposite route and have a custom design created. The result will be a complete original that only you will have.
This depends on many factors, though most crucial is undoubtedly the skill and experience of the wrapping studio. Every company individually should be able to answer your question. In our experience, from the printing to a completed job, it takes around two days.
The Avery Dennison MPI 1105, which we both use and recommend, has a service life of three to seven years. But this depends on how much garage time the car sees out of the weather and how well you care for the wrap. It’s the same as with paint. Decontaminate the foil twice annually and treat it with either a wax or a sealant
With recommended Avery Dennison foils, you can use “brush-type” car washes. But for such washing exercise increased caution is recommended - let the operator know that a foil has been applied to your vehicle. Never wash your vehicle in direct sunlight or when the chassis is heated. Aggressive chemicals used in car washes also reduce service life.
If you use the Avery Dennison® foil as we recommend, you can take it off without damaging the paint and without residual glue remaining on the vehicle.
If you use the Avery Dennison ® MPI 1105 foil, which has a thickness of around 100 microns, very high quality pigment and 150% foil flexibility, you are guaranteed excellent coverage even when exposed to extreme stress and shaping. After wrapping, the foil is permanently set by high temperature where it then retains its shape.
Application is possible but we do not recommend wrapping on damaged surfaces - like rust, small abrasions and damage from flying pebbles. The foil will not hide paint flaws and in addition, clean removability is no longer guaranteed when foil is applied on damaged or rusted paint.
The foil also serves as protection. After removal, the paint is like new.


You always receive 70% of the full price of your design which is sold. Designs may be sold multiple times.
Because we broker sales around the world. Our main partner is Avery Dennison, one of the world's, largest producer of foils. This company makes sure your work circles the planet. It is one good way of earning a steady income right from the comfort of your home. You don't have to worry about promotion since we do it all for you. That is because we want you to relax, concentrate and dig in to what you enjoy doing. As a bonus, we’ll create for you a presentational video, where we will present your design on a 3D model, including five views making it stand out the best.
You must complete the form in "sell your design". We will contact you. We would like to connect best designers and start cooperating with only 10 designers in the first year. You have chance to join our project in the very beginning. After uploading data we implement your design on a 3D model and prepare a short presentation video.
For the basic presentation, we use 3D visualization and implementation on a 3D vehicle model. You can then use these previews at any time in your portfolio or for your own promotion. Don't forget to always add to them a link to Wrapstock to make their purchase as simple as possible.
To make your job as easy as possible, we will need print data in TIFF format (bitmap) or PDF format (vectors). They have resolution of 150 dpi if they are in a ratio 1:1, or 1,500 dpi if they are in a ratio of 1:10.
You receive money for each time some design of yours is sold... If it is sold ten times for instance, you will be paid ten times.
You can collect your earnings immediately after sales or any time over the course of the month within 14 days of sale. You do however have to expect the bank to charge a handling fee.
After sending your request for payment, an accounting certificate will be made out for your remuneration. You should receive money for your sold design to your bank account by no later than 14 days.
Your designs will be offered for sale only at Wrapstock. We will promote the selected ones also on our social media on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google.
If you should decide while creating a design that you don’t want it to be modified, nobody will further modify it. Otherwise, you implicitly provide your consent for us to modify it according to the customer’s wishes. However, your remuneration remains in full amount and we handle everything so you don't have to.
The design remains yours even after uploading it. Wrapstock only serves as a platform, which facilitates sales for you.
Upload your logo to your avatar, and everyone will see it with your designs. Of course it will not be a part of the print data, because that could interfere with the given concept.

Wrapping company

You don’t need to keep a designer on your payroll. Here you can buy from stock designs or use the world’s best designers who will make you a custom-made design unlike any other. Our main goal is to save a lot of time and money, and you can be sure that you’ve got 100% quality data
Of course! As a wrap shop, you enjoy a 15% discount on all designs we offer that an ordinary customer does not have. So for a design costing e.g. EUR 900, that translates to a savings of EUR 135!
If it is a design coming from bitmap, you will receive our printable TIFF. If it concerns vector graphics, expect a print PDF file.
A one-time usage license applies to every design – so you can wrap it only once.
In case somebody in your area is searching for a wrapping studio, yours will show up to them as the closest, making you the most comfortable option for getting his or her vehicle wrapped.
For now we do not offer this service. We recommend using the services of professional print shops specializing in wrapping public transport vehicles. These print shops should all ideally be equipped with a 160 cm digital printing machine enabling solitary printing, and a laminating machine. We recommend printing on cast vinyl that has up to seven years durability. But each company will tell you specifically if they are capable or not for making your design ready.
We are able to modify some print data for your vehicle model. This does however come with a surcharge.
If the design is created in a 1:1 ratio, data is in the resolution of 150 dpi. If the design is in a 10:1 ratio, data is in the resolution of 1,500 dpi.